DR Show Basics Kit

DR Show Basics Kit

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DR Show has been Formulated with all natural ingredients and essential oils. These products have been made with QLD itch in mind we don’t have it hear in WA but I have seen many itchy horses released by the Dr Show 2 in 1 Shampoo and conditioner, this product works as an exfoliation to the skin. 

The Dr Show Detangler is second to none you use minimal for maximum effects, and 2 weeks later you will still have a tail you can run fingers through. 
the DR Show Tail Rake is so robust it Han handle a 700kg WB stallion in shoes standing on it without braking or damaging the bristles. 

Dr Show Outdoor Shine and protect gives that finishing  touch to the competition horse while also helping keep flies away, 

And the final touch it GG Healer we have used this  product on some nasty wounds with zero scaring. More pictures in the GG Healer tab.