Note About Our Products:

All our products are Human grade and certified. We pride ourselves in purchasing from Western Australia and trying to keep with local suppliers for our Herbs. Products are sold in 1kg  or Bulk 3kg amounts unless otherwise specified.  

Postage is anywhere in Australia at a cost of just $10 for 3kg and $15 for 5kg.

Welcome to Kya’s online ecommerce equine endeavour. We are a small boutique Warmblood performance horse stud, situated in the South West corner of Western Australia. Our horses carry the prefix of Lebonstern, a name which has been around since approximately 1960.

The name originally originates from my Grandmother and Grandfather whom originally bred Dachshund’s, they were at the forefront of the breed in Australia for many years and if you look closely at the pedigree of any dachshund in Australia you are likely to find a Lebonstern in its family history.

My mother Jan started using the prefix back in the early nineties, and then when she purchased our foundation stallion, Belcam Argenero by Argentinus, the stud was founded. 

Two years ago I finally won a personal battle with myself and lost nearly 90 kgs!! And Belcam Argenero (AKA Bungi) was brought out of retirement and I started campaigning him, in the dressage arena.

At eighteen Bungi is working his big asss off and slowly moving up the grades and (fingers crossed) by the time we retire him, he will be competing at Grand Prix. 

Bungi is at the centre of our world, he is our brand and banner, for who we are and what we do.

We treat him better that we treat ourselves most days, his health and happiness is our main concern. So with this in mind we went on the lookout for new products to bring to our stables and to make sure Bungi and the rest of our herd would be at their performance best, all the time.

I am proud to present to you the products that we personally use and believe in, to help you and your equine athlete achieve.