K&M BIG Booty
K&M BIG Booty
K&M BIG Booty
K&M BIG Booty

K&M BIG Booty

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So what is Big Booty?

Well yes it’s just that our newest product contains the amazing natirsl anabolic steroid GAMMA ORYZANOL this rece extract has amazing abilities in building lean muscle mass. Our recipe is mixed with a blend of Rice, Corn and Flaxseed oil the reason for this is to get a balance in city omega 3 and 6 oils, being in an oil base it maximises the efficiency of absorption into the system. Gamma basically has the same effect as testosterone without the teenage attitude.
Some benefits are

Concentrated 1500mg per dose  of Gamma Oryzanol 
Builds topline
Improves muscle mass and definition
Increases muscle strength stamina and endurance
Improves performance of the equine athletes
Increases semen production in stallions with no heating effects.
My 2 stallions have had no change in behaviour at all while on it.
Easy exact dose pump dispenser.

feed @15ml per day giving 66 doses
It is recommended horses are on this 2-3 months for maximum effect. I noticed a real visual difference at the 4-5 week mark with muscle definition being really noticeable to the eye.


99% pure certified Gamma Oryzanol, Rice Bran Oil , 

Flaxseed oil and Corn oil. 

K&M BIG Booty
K&M BIG Booty