K&M Hairy Horse

K&M Hairy Horse

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Hairy Horse has been formulated to cater for equines with Cushings Disease. This symptomatic disease can effectively be treated with herbal medicines. 

Hairy horse is a herbal mix that has been specifically formulated for horses with Cushings. The herbs selected are to help support the symptoms and effects that this disease causrs.

This mix was made for WB who was diagnosed with Cushings late 2022, , he has been on Pergalide but I struggle everyday to get his tablet into him, to the point he won’t be caught or eat anything from me any more.

The results I have seen in him in just a few short weeks on Hairy horse are amazing. his coat is moving he us putting on weight and he is talking to me again.

It is recommended to see your vet fir blood tests if you suspect Cushings prior to using this product.


Chaste Tree Berries - regulating the hormones and reducing blood. Sugar levels.

Rosehip - anti oxidants and circulation

White Millet- to activate calcium and silica for healthy hood and bones

Linseed - to help stabilise blood sugar levels with omega 3 oils

Kelp - a rich source of minerals and amino Acids

Dandoline - to support the kidneys


DOsage 60g per day